Lino Lėlės


“Lithuanian fairy-tale about three sisters” at Linas’ Puppet Theatre is a subtle, sophisticated and elegant puppetry play for children and their families. It is the third play of this young theatre which actor, stage director and art designer Linas Zubė is inspired by Lithuanian folk tales and shows a different, non-standard man, called a fool by some and an oracle by others.

Without formulating high-sounding phrases and repeating themes pushed by television, the puppeteer invites, in a delicate, unobtrusive, elegant and cultured manner, to think over the categories of stupidity, unadulterated modesty and wicked jealousy, the opportunities life gives us to choose and – through suffering and tribulation – receive in reward something that is much more precious than material wealth. In parallel, there is another idea formulated by the director and actor: each of us is a bit of the third brother or the third sister. Yet, we take all efforts to hide our otherness. Why?..

The scenic world created by puppeteer Linas Zubė is very delicate, subtle, undemonstrative and profound, offering the viewers a pastel picture of the play. Poetic and ambiguous, revealing the miraculous and profound structure of the Lithuanian fairy-tale, the play seems to be very attractive to theatre gourmets.

“I avoid didactics. And in doing so, I am very didactic. I am moralising almost non-stop, pointing a finger to what is good and what it not. So, I am a sort of a humdrum person,” admits the puppeteer, while taking the intelligence of his audience, regardless of age, beyond any doubt. Having created a full gallery of cute and modest characters of a seemingly simple material (veneer), the puppeteer expects this “pastel world” to be painted by the viewers in their own imaginary manner and the story told to be understood in one way or another (depending on viewer’s experience, openness to the world, emotional perceptibility). 

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45 MIN.



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  • "[The production] is full of mystical characters and unexpected symbolic elements, which open up an infinitely rich field of interpretations. ... Watching the performance, my imagination evoked associations not with fairy tales that we have heard or read before, but with the surrealist work of the American director David Lynch. That is why I would argue that the 'Linas' Puppets' claims the title of a theatrical phenomenon. ... [It] has something that is often lacking in today's theatre – it has a personality."
    – Akvilė Eglinskaitė, Kultūrpolis.