Lino Lėlės


The story of one Šišioniškis family

In Šišion lived the Šišioniškis – čionykščiai, autochthonous inhabitants of the Klaipėda region. People dressed in black, sitting on the benches in the collector’s house, listening to the speaker – Anita, Gerda, Renata. People drinking from a porcelain cup, snacking on coffee and cake – Dietrichs, Dorotėjos, Helmuts.

Although some of their villages were flooded by the river water that flooded the meadow, almost all the old residents were not washed away by it, but by the flood of the Soviet era, which was especially merciless for Šišioniškis. In the first years of the Soviet occupation, there were almost no settlements in Lithuania Minor and all of East Prussia where Soviet soldiers did not kill and torture local residents, destroy and loot their property. Men were killed and women were raped. When they tried to escape through the ice through the Curonian Lagoon, they were bombed and shot, and the ship with 9.5 thousand refugees “Wilhelm Gustloff” near Klaipėda was sunk by a torpedo of a Soviet submarine.

After the war, there were many empty farms with red brick buildings and tiled roofs, which were gradually destroyed by time and the new owners who settled here, who came from Great Lithuania for various reasons – Antanas, Romas, Marytės, Linas. They, together with the people of Šišioniški who survived the horrors of the post-war period, opened the doors of the same schools, waded through the same meadows.

Linas Zubė’s poetic puppet show “Šišion” tells the terrible fate of a family of local residents of Klaipėda region, which survived after the war, lived in the period of “mature socialism” and at the beginning of Independence.

By dressing their chairs, commemorating and reflecting on the stories of the people of this land, we try to at least partially compensate for the wrong done to them, we comfort this land, we atone for our guilt without guilt against the people who did not withstand the blows of history. Those who live here can tell even scarier stories.

Padėkos Kaukės 2023 Nominations

  • Best Production
  • Best Director – Linas Zubė
  • Best Actor – Linas Zubė

Director, Actor, Playwright, Stage and Puppet Designer


Composer and Sound Designer


Video Designer

Donatas Bielkauskas

The Voice of Selma

Virgina Asnauskienė


Mira Kolaitytė




DECEMBER 7, 2022

Suitable audience



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  • ‘It is a performance art piece, a spectacle, a féerie, a mystery play, and a sacrificial rite.’
    – Liutauras Degėsys, philosopher.