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How to SEE the theater?

This educational activity is focused on the development of the young viewer. It will help the viewer to see theatrical gestures, metaphors, symbols, and to find a connection between the image they see and the issues of life. It will help the beginner viewer to feel more comfortable in the performance and to interpret the scenic process for himself.

Puppet theatre is only a means or a pretext to talk about the meaning encoded in the visible image. There is still a stereotypical view of puppet theatre as a type of theatre art aimed at young children. Puppet theatre productions usually have a seemingly simple fairy tale plot, which, when deconstructed, reveals
Relevant meanings emerge. For a clearer understanding of the educational theme (metaphor, non-linear perception of the visible image), works of art (book illustrations by Stasys Eidrigevičius) are also used to help unlock the image seen on stage.

During the educational session, the participants will be actively involved in a process of exploration, based on the personal experience of each participant, using examples of fine art, and active methods to awaken their imagination, curiosity and critical thinking.





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Grade 5 – 8

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