Lino Lėlės

a simple miracle of the fairy-tale

A seminar for literature and theatre teachers

The “Lino dolls” family theater presents an educational project for educators and everyone interested in the peculiarities of fairy tale analysis (3.5-hour educational sessions for everyone interested in fairy tales).

The training covers the actualization of the fairy tale plot, the meanings of symbols, the multi-layered nature of folklore, artistic solutions and their emotional impact. Participants listen to a message, receive fairy tale analysis tasks, and participate in theater games. Training participants gain knowledge and practical experience, which is undoubtedly valuable when discussing the impact of art on the young generation, the possibilities of interpreting the plots of Lithuanian fairy tales, deciphering metaphors and symbols, and reflecting on the content of national identity symbols.

The training begins with the announcement: “Fairytale. Meaning, meaning, relevance” based on the insights of L. Sauka, B. Kerbelytė, G. Beresnevičius, Bruno Bettelheim. (The author of the report Linas Zubė is an associate professor at Klaipėda University, founder of the theater Linas Lėlė) . 

The practical part of the training is conducted by Vida Narveišytė, one of the founders, manager and director of the family theater “Lino lėlė”. With unique experience, combining theatrical (directing studies at KU and the founded family puppet theater “Lino lėlės”), pedagogical (work in more than 10 Lithuanian schools), and psychological (youth line volunteer) activities and modern innovative educational methods. She has been specializing as a creator-entrepreneur for several years, applying the opportunities provided by art in education.





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