Lino Lėlės


A puppet show for children and the whole family

A puppetry play for the whole family, “The wolf and the little goats”, is a plastic, musical, ethnologically-based scenic version of a well-known folktale, revealing the multilayer structure of the world and its order. The scenic metamorphosis is focused on the critical existential states (birth and death), the relationship between good and evil, cause and effect, love and responsibility, while reminding us of the cost of eternal values. It is the clavier of a rich, polysemantic work for one puppeteer. 

“The wolf and the little goats” is the first family play of Linas’ Puppet Theatre premiered in September 2011. The play was attended by a numerous audience all over Lithuania and Lithuanian communities abroad; it was presented at splendid festivals and support or charity campaigns. This true, deep and mature puppetry play as if formulates the ideological and philosophical concept and the creative programme of the theatre: direct and authentic dialogue with the audience; original dramaturgy referring to the Lithuanian folklore and mythology; multilayer image and thought; family as a fundamental value rather than a formal institution; a micro-cosmos with perpetual processes of creation and self-creation, growth and self-growth. “The wolf and the little goats” is more than a puppetry play. It is a kind of ceremonial, a theatrical ritual with a special value being given to the nobility of inner scenic narration, humanistic ideals, ethics, the simplicity of sophistication, whereas a strong intuition upon the birth of a play is more important than rational decisions. This is where the miracle of puppetry and the unique talent of the puppeteer unfold in all their beauty. 

Actor, director, participant and creator of the idea





45 MIN.

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